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Trail suggestions in Greenwood?
Must Visit Trails In Greenwood

Trails you must explore in Greenwood

  • Choctaw Lake Recreation Area Trail
  • Little Mountain Trail
  • Hillside National Wildlife Refuge Trail
  • Alligator Slough Nature Trail
  • Lost Bluff Trail at Grenada Lake
Nearby RV campgrounds in Greenwood?
Most Visited Campgrounds In Greenwood

If you love outdoors, visit those campgrounds in Greenwood

  • Oak Grove Campground
  • Persimmon Hill(Enid Lake)
  • Wallace Creek Campground
  • Chickasaw Hill Campground
  • Water Valley Landing Campground
  • Choctaw Lake Campground
  • Jeff Busby Campground
  • Delta National Forest - Camping
  • North Abutment Campground
  • North Graysport Campground
How Many Airports in Greenwood?
Suggested Airports in Greenwood

Here are the airports that located near Greenwood:

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